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On Remembering Prince, ‘Baby Dolls’ Breaking Sexual Barriers and a New Orleans Second Line

I shared my experience attending Prince’s second line celebration in New Orleans a few days after his death in 2016. It was a convergence of Black music and culture history dancing with the Legendary Baby Doll Ladies through Treme. Read more at The Root and check the video of the festivities!

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Bawdy Politic: The Best Burlesque in New York City

While most people think of Dita Von Teese or that lackluster Christina Aguilera movie when they hear the word “burlesque,” women of color have a rich history and presence in the art form. Since the late 19th century, women of color in the United States have been creating burlesque variety shows that offer satirical commentary on American racism and gender roles. (The word “burlesque” comes from the Italian word burla, which means “joke.”) 

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