#Crystal Bliss and Radical Self-Care When Stress is Literally Making Us Sick

Since the election, I’ve been interested in the ways women of color are taking care of ourselves and each other in Trump’s United States. Racism and sexism have always been front and center in our lives in this country (hello health disparities), but this year has felt especially oppressive and unrelenting, and people need solace. More healers of color are emerging and connecting via social media. Folks who previously were skeptical of alternative healing modalities outside of Western medicine or Christian beliefs are integrating metaphysical elements into their self-care practices because, frankly, shit is real.

Crystal healing is now on trend and receiving a lot of attention. Like many ancient healing methods, it’s becoming commercialized and commodified. I’m encouraged, however, to see many women of color like author Devi Brown reclaiming this knowledge and empowering others to squad up and and step into healing roles.

Even before 45 began occupying the White House, stress was creating a health crisis amongst women, particularly for women of color. And as we’ve learned from researchers and journalists, it’s a key determinant for all sorts of negative health outcomes, especially when coupled with institutional discrimination, including maternal and infant health.

As I move through my 30s, I’m meeting more and more women who have had some sort of stress-induced health crisis that forced them to make significant lifestyle changes. Many of us are smart, high-achieving, and driven women living in or near big cities and going after our dreams—or just trying to survive. Very often, I hear women speak about how the payoff of the grind and hustle isn’t worth it. Our bodies have a way of slowing us down when we don’t listen.

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