Who is jazabel jade?

JEZEBEL: To some an amoral harlot. To others a fierce pioneering crusader. A scheming woman. 
JADE: a lucky and productive love stone, stimulating creativity and mental agility. More precious than silver and gold. 

Swirl in some jaz and you get jazabel jade.

jazabel jade, Burlesque’s Minister Of Hype, is a tassel-twirling, tequila-drinking goddess. The style of burlesque she brings is centered in storytelling, particularly challenging gender roles and racial stereotypes with hip-hop and Afro-Caribbean pin-up flavor. She was birthed from the waters of Isla Mujeres by the goddess Ixchel, baptized by the brass bands of New Orleans, and became a bawdy burlesquer on the stages of New York City. jaz studied "Goddess Burlesque," with Victoria Libertore, took classes with the New York School of Burlesque, and was a member of Brown Girls Burlesque from 2010-2014. She is now bringing her rowdiness to the City of Angels where she'll be kicking off, VaudeTrill, a burlesque and comedy revue in July 2018. Also look out for burlesque movement workshops and classes centering women of color and gender non-conforming folks. 

jazabel jade is available for bookings at entertainment venues, private events, colleges and universities, and festivals. Fill out the form below to be in touch! 


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